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The home of all those amazing gifs on tumblr. Can't find that one gif? Browse through our "Find Your Gif" page and see if you get lucky.

The Gif Library is a collection of gifs found all over the internet. As such, the only gifs that are originally made by the members, or "Librarians" at The Gif Library are those with the "original" tag. Otherwise the gif is made by someone else. We try our best to track the gifs back to their original source. Upon doing so, we set a click through link on each gif, leading to it's originator.

If you see an error/mistake in any aspect of our blog, or a gif that is wrongly credited, or wrongfully quoted please bring it to our attemtion so that we may fix the problem.

Submissions are always welcome, as well as requests. Even if you don't have a request and you just want to comment/chat, the ask box is always opened unless otherwise stated.

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So fetch.

So fetch.

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